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Category Archives: Seeking Knowledge

I learned this from a teacher from a Sheykh that I met in Madinah, Saudi Arabia.   Sheykh AbdurRazzaq Ibn Abdul Muhsin Al-Abadd.

Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said “That who ever want’s Goodness, Allah will guide you to Knowledge.”

This is a favor upon us.  One of the four questions a Muslim will be asked on the day of judgement is about Ilm(knowledge).  Allah will ask about the favor of knowledge he gave us.

There are 7 duties for Knowledge Seekers.

1.  Increase your Ilm(knowledge)

  • Learn something new every morning and night.
  • Ilm(Knowledge is the basis for everything.

2.  To Love The Ilm

  • Love is what makes you seek knowledge.
  • Allah says if you truly love Allah, then Love Prophet Muhammad (Peace be up him),and your sins will be forgiven.

3.  Have commitment

  • Sincere and True Intention.
  • Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) made dua “give me the azeema(commitment).”

4.  Actions/Practice

  • Your actions should represent your Ilm, if it does not, it will go against you.
  • In Surah Fatiha it is said of guiding.
  • Once you seek Knowledge there is no way back.

5.  True sincerity and Follow the Prophet.

  • Nothing counts if not sincere and not following the Prophet.

6.  Be cautious of what will nullify deeds.

  • Very Important
  • Includes Showing Off.

7.  Persistence

  • Qur’an has advice “Oh Allah do not divert our hearts”
  • Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) made a frequent Dua “Oh changer of the hearts,keep my heart firm”

At the End The Sheykh Reminded us, that he is not teaching us something new, he is just reminding us of something old.